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Heart & Soul of NM Group Services (adults only)

Discover Therapeutic Transformation with Our Groups

At Heart & Soul of NM, we believe in the power of collective healing. Our diverse range of group therapy sessions is designed to address intricate life challenges. An initial assessment ensures we match you with the right group to meet your needs. Explore our comprehensive group schedule and in-depth descriptions below.  

Groups Schedule Monday:
Healthy Relationships: 4:45 pm - Join on Doxy (Choose 'groups')
Parenting: 5:30 pm - Join on Doxy (Choose 'groups')

Groups Schedule Tuesday:
Understanding Addiction: 4:30 pm - Join on Doxy (Choose 'groups')
Maintaining Sobriety: 5:15 pm - Join on Doxy (Choose 'groups')

Groups Schedule Wednesday:
College Toolkit: Currently on Pause
A New Way of Life: 4:30 pm - Join on Doxy (Choose 'groups')
Serenity Now: 5:15 pm - Join on Doxy (Choose 'groups')  

Groups Schedule Friday:
Parenting: 4:45 pm - Join on Doxy (Choose 'groups')
Serenity Now: 5:30 pm - Join on Doxy (Choose 'groups') 

In-depth Group Descriptions 

A New Way of Life (16 weeks): Embark on a journey of self-discovery, focusing on holistic lifestyle changes pivotal for a triumphant recovery. This program delves deep, helping participants understand and break free from detrimental habits and behaviors. From cultivating healthy relationships to instilling fiscal responsibility and ensuring a disciplined routine, the ultimate goal is to challenge and change generational patterns that may be inhibiting growth. 

Healthy Relationships (8 weeks): Relationships, in their myriad forms, are at the heart of our existence. This program provides a comprehensive overview, teaching effective communication techniques strategies for conflict resolution, and recognizing the subtle signs of abusive behaviors, ensuring that relationships are nurturing and empowering.

Maintaining Sobriety (24 weeks): Sobriety is a continual journey. Tailored for those with a foundation of 3+ months of Sobriety, this group offers a sanctuary of support. Participants gain insights into maintaining a sober lifestyle, identifying potential relapse triggers, and leveraging a supportive community to reinforce their commitment to a substance-free life. 

Parenting (16 weeks): Nurturing the next generation requires knowledge, patience, and love. This program serves as a guiding light for parents navigating the complex terrains of parenthood. Whether you're a new parent or have found     yourself in challenging circumstances, this group offers tools to understand child development, recognize generational parenting patterns, and foster a nurturing environment for your child's holistic growth. 

College Toolkit (16 weeks): A therapeutic group designed to address the needs of those in college.  The group serves as a place for support and strategies to address the stress and pressures of higher learning.

Serenity Now (16 weeks): Beyond anger and anxiety management, Serenity Now dives deep into the emotional currents driving these states. From exploring the intricate pathways of grief and emotional pain to embracing the healing power of forgiveness, this program aims to offer clarity, understanding, and     strategies to manage and transform intense emotions. 

Understanding Addiction (16 weeks): Addiction is a multifaceted challenge, often rooted in deeper     emotional and psychological terrains. This program offers a sanctuary for those battling addiction or substance abuse, providing comprehensive education, therapeutic group interactions, and empowering tools. Participants are guided through understanding their addiction, identifying triggers, and building resilience.  

Reminders For Group Participants
• Ensure a focused, private environment to respect  confidentiality.
• Be punctual; waiting room accessibility ends 5 minutes after the group's start time.
• Stable Wi-Fi connectivity is essential.
• For a session certificate, stay visible on video and engage actively throughout. 

Together, let's embark on a transformative journey towards well-being and balance.

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